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About Al Ahmedya

The complex consists of private orchards and private residences located in Wadi Laban, which has only one entrance and is equipped with an internal security system: surveillance cameras, security guards and a gate with a security barrier. The compound includes the Sheikh Abdullah Al Murshid Mosque where the Friday prayers are held, as well as several other mosques and chapels. A restaurant and restaurant serving the people and farm workers

The owners in the complex are characterized by their cooperation with each other (a quarter of what they have done), periodic meetings to discuss and ways to develop the complex to achieve the desired goals:

  1. Better use of the property and create a healthy and ideal environment for happy days
  2. To develop social sense and increase the interdependence of neighbors
  3. Maintenance and cleanliness of the complex facilities
  4. Cooperation to adopt an internal regulation of the Union of Owners ensures sustainable effectiveness
  5. Continuous development

Rules and Procudeure of an Angel Union

10,000 M2